Carpet Cleaning in Leicester & Loughborough

Carpet Cleaning Leicester

Looking for a professional carpet cleaning service to remove bacteria, deep lying dirt, marks and oils? You have come to the right place.

Life can get busy and we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to carpet cleaning. We tailor our carpet cleaning services to suit your requirements, regardless of whether you have young children, messy pets or just enjoy a good party!

We’ve been contacted many times by clients believing that there is no other solution than to have new carpets, yet we love it when we’re able to bring very dirty looking carpets back to life. If you’ve got a small stain, I’m happy to provide help and advice over the phone. We recommend calling for advice BEFORE attempting to remove stains with a product of your own.

We guarantee our Texatherm carpet cleaning techniques will leave your carpet looking beautiful and completely dry in under an hour.

Magic Repairs for Burns, Stains & Frays

SJS are also expertly trained to carry out invisible repairs for burns, by cutting out the burn and replacing it with a small lug and weaving in the edges to make it invisible. If you are ending a Tenancy, or leaving a University letting, it could mean the difference between getting your Deposit back, or saving you from replacing the whole carpet. Dependent on the extent of the damage, SJS can also repair a frayed edge, which is sometimes caused by a heavy traffic area, or by mischievous cats – especially on the stair treads.

Landlords, End of Tenancy Cleans, Selling & Moving

Putting your home on the market and selling up, you may need a carpet clean to get top offers, as replacing carpet when you move in is a major expense. We can arrive before your removal company and clean every carpet and hard floor, so your family will move into an antibacterial MRSA clean environment, which is vital for babies, older people and allergy or asthma sufferers. Texatherm cleaning is completely dry in under an hour, so you can carry on and move straight in.

NCCA Accredited & Fully Insured

SJS are fully trained and Stuart is an accredited Senior Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. That means all our work is completely guaranteed and fully insured. Never give up on a dirty carpet and throw it out, before we look at it. We could save you a fortune! Looking at any carpet and giving you our very best advice or quotation to clean it, is completely free, and without any obligation, so call today and let us take a look.

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We had a rather grubby grey and brown carpet with paint on! We now have a blue carpet and can even see the different pile on the tiles.


Alison Fletcher, Leicester

Why Choose Us?

  • Texatherm technique leaves your carpet beautiful and completely dry in under an hour.
  • End of Tenancy repairs for burns, stains and frayed edges to save your deposit
  • Moving day exit clean and pre-entry clean before the removal van arrives
  • Senior member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. Guaranteed & fully insured