Upholstery Cleaning in Leicester & Loughborough

Upholstery Cleaning Leicester

Upholstered furniture and soft furnishings come in a variety of fabrics. Whether it be office furniture or your living room suite, we assess each piece individually for colour run and shrinkage to determine the best cleaning method.

We understand that you take great pride in your furniture and our upholstery cleaning service won’t damage or leave harsh residues within your furniture. In fact, the testimonials from our happy clients will tell you that we can restore the beauty in your furniture and soft furnishings again. We have pictures of our upholstery cleaning expertise with some before and after shots below.

Antibacterial Fabric Cleaning, MRSA & Allergens

Are your fabric chairs and curtains looking tired and not as bright as when you purchased them? Let us clean them and return the colour. We clean your curtains IN-SITU thereby avoiding the problems of removing and re-fitting swags and tails. After dry-cleaning they are steamed and the creases re-pressed.

Our special equipment reaches into every crease, fold and ruffled around the corners of your chairs and sofas – even under the cushions. Completely bacteria and allergen free, including MRSA which is vital to protect babies, older people and allergy sufferers.

Clean & Restore Leather Chairs & Sofas

Do you know – Leather that is used each day should be cleaned and protected each year to avoid unnecessary wear? Do the leather seat chairs and backs look dried out and faded, or dull and dirty? Either way, SJS are expertly trained to lovingly clean and restore the condition of the leather adding a protective finish. We can re-colour and re-dye if colour has been lost or faded, giving you many more years of family use.

We can also restore and protect your expensive leather handbags, car seats, or motorbike leathers.

Cleaning Office, Boardroom & Reception Furniture

Does the leather Boardroom table look dull and have coffee ring stains? Perhaps the fabric chairs have never been cleaned in your office, reception area, village hall, church, or restaurant. Refreshed to its original colour and stains removed, will make a huge difference to visitors first impressions and staff morale. Our cleaning technique means furniture will be anti-bacterialised, with stains almost always removed (the exception is a spillage or mark containing a dye) and fabric fibres will be vibrant and bright. The SJS out-of-hours service means you never lose any working time.

Remember your business is judged on the first impressions of your visitors, so this year – make it a great one!

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Two excellent jobs done to a very high standard. Stuart is a very easy person to have in your home and will be our first choice for future cleaning jobs.


John Macky, Seagrave

Why Choose Us?

  • No damaging harsh residues will be left within your furniture
  • MRSA, bacteria and allergen free, to protect babies, older people and allergy sufferers
  • We clean your curtains IN-SITU with no need to remove and re-fit swags and tails
  • The SJS out-of-hours service for business means you never lose any working time