Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Leicester & Loughborough

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Leicester

We have specialist experience of working across different sectors for a variety of businesses including schools, hotels, offices, retailers and manufacturers.  Our award winning commercial carpet cleaning systems have been specifically designed for commercial cleaning, allowing us to carry out top quality cleaning, that will stay clean for a long time, because of the unique way the products work together.

You need a professional, trained carpet cleaner who can achieve a deep, wet clean with the huge benefit of a drying time of under 60 minutes.  Our working hours are flexible, and we will always work with you to ensure that your premises are cleaned with the least disruption to you and your business.

Before we start any work, we provide a free consultation so you are completely aware of the work involved, including a test sample clean of any areas of concern to show what we are able to achieve. We explain how long we expect the work to take and the cost to the business. Get in touch to book an appointment today.

Specialist Cleaning Carpet Tiles or Glued-Down Commercial Carpets

If your school, office or shop floor has carpet tiles, or glued down commercial carpets, they should NEVER be cleaned by spraying water from the machine onto the carpet (Hot Water Extraction – HWE). This is because Hot Water Extraction is the correct method for cleaning domestic carpets in your home where the machine can drive the air through to the back of the carpet, and then suck the moisture through from the base of the fibres.

Using this domestic carpet cleaning system on a commercial carpet where the carpets are impervious to this action, the likely result is that the base when wet is left muddied. This is sucked back through the fibres, leaving the carpets still quite wet and a little muddied at the base – which is likely to wick up as the carpet dries over a period of time, looking dirty again within weeks and not as clean as it would be using our patented products and commercial carpet cleaning system. Our commercial system is designed to produce the best quality job, staying cleaner for longer.

Our Internationally patented commercial Texatherm cleaning system works in a totally different way, by attracting out and removing all the dirt, leaving the carpet fibres bright, clean and DRY in under one hour.

TEXATHERM Patented Cleaning System by EXOTHERMIC Reaction

SJS use an international patented cleaning system created by the combination of 2 products mixing above 60 degrees Centigrade producing an exothermic reaction. The two products (one alkaline and one acidic) react together to attract the dirt from the bottom of the carpet, drawing the dirt to the surface where it is successfully removed – leaving the carpet fibres deep cleaned, antibacterial, bright – and dry in under one hour.

The tremendous added benefit is that the carpet will stay cleaner for longer than other systems. This is because the carpet base and fibres are left at as near a neutral ph as possible, therefore leaving them unable to attract dirt back into the carpet. This is the key to commercial carpets remaining clean for a very long time – and is what our clients like best.

DRY in an Hour & Out-of-Hours Service

Cleaning your carpets with the Texatherm system means your commercial carpets will be completely dry within an hour, which is perfect for Hotels, Offices and places that are unable to close to the public.

SJS also operate a business “Out-of-Hours” service, cleaning your office, shop, showroom, school, church, restaurant, surgery, or pub carpets long before you open, or after you close, so you won’t lose trade or working hours.

Carpet Cleaning is a business expense, so call SJS today to arrange a visit to your business premises for a completely free carpet review, assessment and quotation for the work you wish to be carried out.

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The quality of SJS commercial carpet cleaning is second to none as is their expert knowledge. They have saved me having to replace a badly stained carpet on more than one occassion. I can highly recommend Stuart and SJS Carpet Cleaners.


Paul Clark, Facilities Manager, Manor School Oadby

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