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SJS clean stone floors

Natural Stone Floor Clean and Reseal Leicester Loughborough

Natural Stone Floor Clean and Reseal Leicester Loughborough Natural stone flooring is an investment for any property, and it will last far longer than the current décor, so it needs to be kept in good condition to keep its fabulous looks for many years. If it was installed more than five years ago, it’s a good […] Read more >

Hotel curtain cleaning

Curtain Cleaning in Loughborough and Leicester

Curtain Cleaning in Loughborough and Leicester Curtains are a trap for particles of airborne dirt, dust and allergens as well as bacteria, and odours. Whatever is in the air in your home or office, every day, will be trapped in the fibres of your curtains or blinds. It is easy to see on plastic blinds, that […] Read more >

stuart and the van of SJS Carpet cleaning

What Our Customers Say About

What Our Customers Say about SJS Carpet Cleaning Booking any Carpet or Rug cleaning service for the first time can be a worry. So, we always tell people to look at our customer reviews and comments for the reassurance they need for that very first booking. Reading what our customers say about SJS carpet cleaning […] Read more >

carpet shop

January Carpet Sales – Are They A Bargain?

January Carpet Sales Are they a bargain? The January sales posters make it very tempting to abandon your old trusty carpet and replace it with a new one, but are they really a bargain? Would it be a better investment so have your existing carpet professionally cleaned? My Granny used to say “Buying cheap. Costs […] Read more >

Church Carpet cleaning

Listed Building Accredited Carpet Cleaning

Listed Building Accredited Carpet Cleaning Owning any Listed Building is a big responsibility, whether it is a Grade1 or a Grade 2. Both are regognised as having a national importance and are therefore protected in Law inside the Planning system for architectural or historic interest. The property is also added to the UK list known as […] Read more >

Removing pet wee from carpets

Health Risks From Pet Wee On Carpets

Health Risks from Pet Wee on Carpets All pets have small accidents now and again, especially when they are young, or new to your family, so cleaning the carpet effectively is vital to protect family members and vulnerable visitors from bacteria. The most dangerous of these is called Leptospirosis and is a bacterium found in […] Read more >