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Texatherm removes grease from carpets

#Texatherm Removes Grease from Carpets

#TEXATHERM CAN REMOVE GREASE FROM CARPETS Many customers phone us when grease has accidentally got on the carpet, to ask if we can remove it and the answer is YES. Our Patented #Texatherm method can remove grease because it doesn’t use water. We don’t spray water onto your carpets at all. We use a Texathermic […] Read more >

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Curtains and Upholstery Spring Cleaning

April is always the best time for curtains and upholstery spring cleaning. Easter is over and Spring is now evident with buds appearing on trees and the central heating turned down or off. That means the windows can be opened and the winter’s dust can be removed from all furnishings and upholstery. Cleaning Curtains and Upholstery […] Read more >

Texatherm Carpet Cleaning by SJS Carpet Cleaning Leicester

What is Texatherm Dry Cleaning for Carpets

What is Texatherm Dry Cleaning for Carpets?  New Customers often ask “What is Texatherm Dry Cleaning for Carpets” so here is the answer. The dry-cleaning system used by SJS Carpet Cleaning is completely different to the water spray machines you can hire for the day. It is a specialist ‘Dry-Cleaning’ system that works with a chemical […] Read more >

Carpet Cleaned by SJS in LE2

Which Carpet is Best Woven or Tufted

Which Carpet is Best Woven or Tufted Buying new carpet in the Easter Holidays should be a pleasurable experience, but only if you are armed with knowledge about the different styles of carpet to help you make the right choice. Here is our guide to which carpet is best, woven or tufted, with the benefits and […] Read more >

stuart and the van of SJS Carpet cleaning

Choosing the Right Carpet Fabric

Choosing the Right Carpet Fabric Springtime is the most popular time to buy a new carpet, especially over the Easter break holidays, when all the family are around to go shopping, so choosing the right carpet fabric is vital. Many different surface textures available provide a  huge choice of feel and appearance, but they also […] Read more >

Spot Cleaning Carpets


TOP TIPs for SPOT Cleaning CARPETS If you are looking for a product to spot clean your carpets, BE CAREFUL which advice you take, because some stain removal products may cause colour run in your carpet, bleaching of fibres, or be combustable. It may also leave a residue behind after removing the spot stain, that […] Read more >