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carpets cleaned by SJS carpet cleaning Leicester

Get a Carpet Cleaning Quote in Leicester

Get a Carpet Cleaning Quote in Leicester If you are considering professional carpet cleaning for your home or have some stubborn stains on the lounge carpet to be removed, here is how to get a carpet cleaning quote in Leicester or Loughborough. Location SJS Carpet Cleaning are based in Leicester and Loughborough and we are […] Read more >

cleaning caravan upholstery and carpets

Cleaning Caravan Carpets and Upholstery

Cleaning Caravan Carpets and Upholstery August is a perfect month for caravan holidays. Perhaps visiting a different place each day and taking in some great scenery; or going to the same beach park to meet up with old friends and relax. But when you get home the work will start… getting the kids ready for the […] Read more >

Removing pet wee from carpets

Removing Pet Wee From Carpets

New Pet This Summer Summer is a popular time of year to have a new pet, so its important to know about successfully removing pet wee from the carpets.  In summer the doors can be left open to help with house training but if it happens in the night, how should you get rid of the […] Read more >

genie on a magic carpet origins of magic flying carpets

Carpet Stain Removal Top Tips

Carpet Stain Removal Top Tips These three easy methods will remove twenty of the most common carpet stains. It will depend on your carpet fibre and the duration of the stain, but if these methods don’t work, we can clean it professionally for you. Method 1 will remove: Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Liquid foods, and Urine […] Read more >

Babyproof your carpets

Five Ways to Babyproof Your Floors

Five Ways to Babyproof your Floors is vital information for anyone living with a new baby, or if you have visitors with a child under two years. A crawling baby or toddler can easily be harmed by a floor that has not been babyproofed and research tell us that over 50% of parents wait until their […] Read more >

Texatherm carpet cleaning by SJS in Leicester

Professional Cleaning Does Kill Bacteria

Professional Cleaning Does Kill Bacteria Have you ever wondered whether professional cleaning does kill bacteria living in your household carpets? Generally, the water spray on – suck off method isn’t effective enough to kill all of them, but the #Texatherm process used by SJS Carpet Cleaning certainly is. The Patented Texathermic reaction carpet cleaning system […] Read more >