Do You Need Help Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner?


SJS – The Professional Carpet Cleaner takes pride in providing a first class service for you.

Are you looking to have you carpets or upholstery cleaned? It is really important that you choose your carpet cleaner carefully as a poorly skilled carpet cleaner can potentially do a lot of damage.

Taking a recommendation from someone you trust is a good place to start, but your decision shouldn’t be based solely on a price given on the telephone. It is ALWAYS best to ask someone to come to your premises and quote on what they can physically see.  This also gives you the opportunity to see and listen to them.  Do they look smart?  Have they a clean van?  Do they explain what they will do and why in detail?

Whether it’s carpets, upholstery, hard floors or leather, we always have and always will visit a potential customer. Doing this gives us a chance to see what the problems really are, test stains and to give a realistic expectation of what can be achieved.

We also have a book of “Before and After” photos and testimonials from customers. All of the above gives you, the customer, peace of mind in making the right decision.

Please call us today and ask us about meeting for a free quotation 0116 298 7082

(Picture Credit – Reiner Kraft – Flickr)