Should I Buy a Wet & Dry Vacuum?

Should I Buy a Wet & Dry Vacuum?

Have you ever wondered if a wet and dry vacuum cleaner would be useful around the house? We get to see many different brands and hear what our customers think of them. So here is a summary of what people like and don’t like about them, to help you decide whether to invest in one – or not.


• They can handle wet spills and a large amount of dry debris. Great for kitchen spills and cleaning up after a flood. Perfect for Plumbers, Carpenters, Plasterers and other home based work trades.
• You can use it to unblock a sink as the capacity is around 30 Litres of liquid.
• The machines are very robust and durable, handling debris from workshops and gardens.
• They have a powerful motor and excellent suction power. They are not restricted in power under EU Regulations like household vacuums, so are noticeably more powerful.
• They come with long power cords and large capacities so they are easy to use in the car, caravan, workshop or shed, and can be used continuously for extended periods with no problems.


• The machine is quite heavy and bulky for everyday use, but they were not designed as an everyday fluff vacuum.
• They don’t ‘clean’ a carpet, they just remove the water.
• They don’t have the same level of filtration as uprights or cylinders, so can be a little dusty when using.
• Most require a change of filter when switching between dry and wet modes, which can seem a bother for small jobs.

Hope this helps your decision making or call us anytime for free advice on removing stains, or to book a free cleaning demonstration in your home or premises.