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Freshers Week Leicester and Loughborough

Freshers Week Leicester and Loughborough During Freshers Week in Leicester and Loughborough, young people in their second year of University will be moving into rented houses, shared with their friends made last year in halls of residence. They have learned to manage their own shopping, cooking and washing clothes, but home maintenance is another skill […] Read more >

Caravan Club Cleaning Package

Caravan Club Cleaning Package Caravan Club members can use our special cleaning package for your caravan. Includes: carpets, curtains, furnishings, all hard floors, kitchen tiles & worktops. Before resting the caravan on its bricks for winter months, why not use our special upholstery cleaning package and have everything done for you, so it’s ready for […] Read more >

How To Do End Of Tenancy Cleaning

How to Do End of Tenancy Cleaning If you are moving out of a rented property, you may be wondering how to do end of tenancy cleaning. Here is our handy guide to completing the End of Tenancy Clean, to ensure the return of your deposit. This is what the Estate Agent or Landlord inspection […] Read more >

anti soil protection curtain cleaning

Anti-Soil Protection Curtain Cleaning

Anti-Soil Protection Curtain Cleaning Here at SJS Carpet Cleaning, we take our work very seriously and have been fully trained by the National Carpet Cleaners Association in all aspects. We are accredited by them to undertake all upholstery ANTI-SOIL PROTECTION and all types of IN-SITU CURTAIN CLEANING in Leicester and Loughborough and a ten mile […] Read more >

Fine Fabrics Specialist Cleaning

Fine Fabrics Specialist Cleaning Are you looking for fine fabrics cleaning in Leicester or Loughborough? SJS Carpet Cleaning are trained and accredited by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) in the specialist cleaning techniques of all fine fabrics. Read more >

Removing Chocolate from carpets and Upholstery

Removing Chocolate from carpets and Upholstery Easter time means chocolate – and lots of it. So, children and adults will be snapping bits off Easter eggs and small shards of chocolate will fall on the carpet, on the sofa seats and even on your car seats on the way home from a family Easter visit. […] Read more >