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Removing pet wee from carpets

Removing Pet Wee From Your Carpets

Removing Pet Wee from Your Carpets Its vital to know about removing pet wee from your carpets, as new kittens and new puppies sometimes have accidents. You may also have moved into a rental property where they used to have pets, and can small pet wee on the carpets. Try the below methods first, then […] Read more >

Tenant Check-In Explained

Check In Process for new Tenants Explained

Check In Process for new Tenants Explained When you move into your new house or apartment, the check in procedure can seem a bit of a nuisance, when all you want to do is sign and get the key, so you can start bringing in your possessions. But this procedure is VITAL for the return […] Read more >

Upholstered Chairs cleaned by SJS Leicester

Facts About End of Tenancy Cleaning

Facts About End of Tenancy Cleaning Here are ten facts you should know before you move out of any rented property… The end of tenancy clean is part of your contract and getting your deposit back is completely dependent on this being done properly. Properly means it should look the same as when you moved […] Read more >

Insect control in Carpets

Insect Control in Carpets

Insect Control in Carpets Are you are looking for professional insect control in carpets or upholstery? SJS are fully trained and accredited with a Certificate from the National Carpet Cleaners Association, as competent in the safe use of pesticides required by current legislation. We have been trained by Killgerm, leading pest control suppliers to the […] Read more >

carpet repair tool

Carpet Repairs Leicester Loughborough

Carpet Repairs in Leicester Loughborough Finding out about carpet repairs means finding a specialist company who can do this for you. SJS are not just ordinary carpet cleaners, we are fully trained and accredited in making carpet repairs which will save you from replacing the whole carpet – or worse, the whole ground floor, if […] Read more >

fine fabrics cleaning

Fine Fabrics Specialist Cleaning

Fine Fabrics Specialist Cleaning Are you looking for fine fabrics cleaning in Leicester or Loughborough? SJS Carpet Cleaning are trained and accredited by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) in the specialist cleaning techniques of all fine fabrics. Read more >