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cleaning leather sosfa

How Often Should You Clean Leather Sofa?

How often should you clean a leather sofa? This is one of the questions we are asked most often about leather furniture. So here is an expert answer along with some top tips to keep your leather suite looking its best all year round. Read more >

Wool carpet cleaning Leicester

Wool Carpets are Good for your Health

Wool Carpets Are Good for your Health Choosing which carpet fibre to have for your new carpet purchase is a difficult decision. Apart from the choices of colour and pattern, there are considerations about how easy it is to keep clean and how long it should last. These days, the durability of most carpet fibres […] Read more >

Spot Clean carpets Top Tips

How to SPOT-CLEAN Carpets

How to Spot-Clean Carpets Do you know how to spot-clean your carpets successfully? Its an easy process, but it MUST be carried out immediately, before the stain ‘sets’. The biggest enemy of any carpet stain, is oxidation, making the stain almost permanent. So, the trick is to deal with any stain – instantly, and here […] Read more >

Halloween Monsters Lurking in the Carpets

Halloween Monsters in the Carpet

Halloween Monsters in the Carpet This week is the run up to Halloween with monster outfits and ghost makeup in the shops, but did you know that lurking in your carpet are real monsters that are waiting to infect you and your family members? The evil bacteria, the deadly viruses and the nasty allergen microbes […] Read more >

welcome mats prolong carpet life

Door Entry Mats Prolong Commercial Carpets

Door Entry Mats Prolong Commercial Carpets Its official… using door entry mats will prolong the life of your carpets, both at home and in your business premises. Door Entry Mats are Essential: If you have a retail shop, showroom or office, you can’t expect your customers, staff and visitors to take their shoes off at the […] Read more >

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Is Frequent Vacuuming bad for your Carpet?

Is Frequent Vacuuming bad for your Carpet? This is a question that many people ask when we clean their carpets. Is it better to vacuum once a week or every day, and will this wear out the carpet more quickly. Here is our answer based on our many years’ experience of cleaning carpets across Leicestershire. Read more >