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chair after leather cleaning

Cleaning Leather Chairs and Sofas

Cleaning Leather Chairs and Sofas The question we get asked the most, is when should a leather sofa be cleaned? The answer to this is not an easy number of weeks or months. It depends on the age of your sofa, how worn the leather is, how dry and porous it is, and of course, […] Read more >

removing chocolate from carpets

Removing Chocolate from carpets and Upholstery

Removing Chocolate from carpets and Upholstery Easter time means chocolate – and lots of it. So, children and adults will be snapping bits off Easter eggs and small shards of chocolate will fall on the carpet, on the sofa seats and even on your car seats on the way home from a family Easter visit. […] Read more >

SJS Mother's Day Treat

Mother’s Day Treat from SJS Carpet Cleaning

Mother’s Day Treat from SJS Carpet Cleaning Mother’s Day is nearly here, and we have a great idea for a thoughtful gift that will last all year… Does your Mother live alone, or struggle with everyday tasks because of medical conditions or age-related incapacity? Then SJS can provide you with a useful gift that will […] Read more >

chair after leather cleaning

Leather Cleaning in Leicester

Leather Cleaning in Leicester SJS are specialist leather cleaning experts in Leicester and Loughborough. We work in domestic and commercial settings in a 10-mile radius of either city. All your upholstered leather can be cleaned, polished and protected to preserve its looks and lengthen its usable lifetime. Our cleaning process is designed to remove all […] Read more >

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What Our Customers Say About

What Our Customers Say about SJS Carpet Cleaning Booking any Carpet or Rug cleaning service for the first time can be a worry. So, we always tell people to look at our customer reviews and comments for the reassurance they need for that very first booking. Reading what our customers say about SJS carpet cleaning […] Read more >

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How Often Should You Clean Leather Sofa?

How often should you clean a leather sofa? This is one of the questions we are asked most often about leather furniture. So here is an expert answer along with some top tips to keep your leather suite looking its best all year round. Read more >