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Upholstered Chairs cleaned by SJS Leicester

Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice

Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice Most Offices have a daily cleaner to dust the desks, empty the bins and vacuum the carpets, but the office chairs which are used all day, every day; are rarely thought about. So here is our advice about cleaning office chairs which as time passes,  the expensive upholstered chairs will become […] Read more >

Persian Rug Cleaning

Curtains and Upholstery Spring Cleaning

April is always the best time for curtains and upholstery spring cleaning. Easter is over and Spring is now evident with buds appearing on trees and the central heating turned down or off. That means the windows can be opened and the winter’s dust can be removed from all furnishings and upholstery. Cleaning Curtains and Upholstery […] Read more >

antique leather boardroom chairs

Top Tips for Leather Care

Top Tips for Leather Care from the Professionals: Caring for your leather furniture, shoes, bags, and other items might seem daunting, but here are our Top Tips to help keep all your leather goods in tip-top condition: Read more >

Leather Cleaning Leicester & Loughborough

How to Clean Leather

Our homes are full of leather items including: Shoes, boots, bags, briefcases, furniture, coats, jackets, biker gear, and more. So, knowing how to clean leather properly will enable all your leather goods, to stay in service, looking good, for many more years. Read more >

antique leather boardroom chairs

Restoring Leather in Leicester & Loughborough

Restoring Leather in Leicester & Loughborough If your lovely old leather chesterfield or antique chair is scuffed, scratched or has a small split; don’t think about abandoning it to the garage, or sending it to the charity shop. Read more >

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Diwali Carpet Stains Removal Advice Leicester

Carpet Cleaning After Diwali Celebrations in Leicester Diwali carpet stains removal advice Leicester Diwali celebrations in Leicester are always spectacular and every family celebrating will have plenty of visitors, with large family meals, feasts and parties. With all the extra colourful food and drink, any spills on the carpet or leather furniture could be a […] Read more >