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Oriental Rug Care in Winter

Oriental Rug Care in Winter Oriental rugs are an investment and a little extra care is needed during the winter months to keep them looking their best and to maximise their lifespan. We see many different styles of oriental rugs and our knowledge and experience of cleaning and caring for such rugs means we can […] Read more >

Leather Chair Scuff & Scratch Repairs

Top Tips for Leather Care

Top Tips for Leather Care from the Professionals: Caring for your leather furniture, shoes, bags, and other items might seem daunting, but here are our Top Tips to help keep all your leather goods in tip-top condition: Read more >

Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Illegal?

Following a new EU Law that came into force September 2017, it is possible that your current Vacuum Cleaner is now illegal and you will not be allowed to buy a similar replacement. The new law has banned the production, manufacture and sale of any vacuum cleaner with an output of more than 900 Watts. […] Read more >

Season of Mists and Muddy Carpets

September is the season of harvest, ripe fruit, falling leaves and the start of Muddy sports season like Rugby and Football. So how will all this impact on your carpets? Shoes walking into your home this month could have traces of rotten fruit fallen from the trees, with seeds, spider eggs, mud and all manner […] Read more >

Leicestershire Property prices BOOM this summer

The latest “Rightmove House Price Index” released yesterday says that house prices have boomed in Leicestershire this summer. It states that UK wide asking prices have risen by 3% over the last twelve months with the Midlands and East of England experiencing a boom with prices more than twice the national average. Here is a […] Read more >

Rent Your Spare Room Tax Free

Yes, its official, renting out one spare bedroom in our home is not taxable income. That means you can bring in extra cash for holidays, or pay for Christmas presents without spending a penny of your salary. If you have enough space to add a small shower cubicle or sink to the room, the rental […] Read more >