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caravan club cleaning package

Caravan Club Cleaning Package

Caravan Club Cleaning Package Caravan Club members can use our special cleaning package for your caravan. Includes: carpets, curtains, furnishings, all hard floors, kitchen tiles & worktops. Before resting the caravan on its bricks for winter months, why not use our special upholstery cleaning package and have everything done for you, so it’s ready for […] Read more >

Sports Club cleaning advice

Sports Club Cleaning Advice

Sports Club Cleaning Advice Sports Club Premises Cleaning. Call us today for a no obligation visit and a completely free quotation for the Committee. Tel: 01162 987 082 or 01509 215 858. Season starts in September for Rugby, Football, Hockey and Martial Arts Clubs so cleaning the club house can be a big job, especially […] Read more >

carpet cleaning in residential care homes

Care Home MRSA Antibacterial Carpets and Chairs

Care Home MRSA Antibacterial Carpets and Chairs We provide Residential Care Homes in Leicestershire with a priority service for a specialist MRSA antibacterial carpets and chairs cleaning service. SJS Carpet Cleaning are located in Leicester city and Loughborough, and local enough for a fast response to residential care homes that specialise in Alzheimer’s and Dementia […] Read more >

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Leicester & Loughborough

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Necessary

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Necessary? Are you wondering if professional carpet cleaning is really necessary? Or whether you should hire a water spray machine and do it yourself? Vacuuming once or twice weekly will remove the surface level dirt and loose abrasive particles within the fibres, but it won’t remove the contaminants lurking under the […] Read more >

Summer Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Summer Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Summer Holiday Carpet Cleaning If you are on annual leave from work for a week or two, summer holiday carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning means you don’t need to book a day off work to have it done. Amuse the children Younger children will be home all day and need to be amused every day. […] Read more >

Removing pet wee from carpets

Removing Pet Wee From Your Carpets

Removing Pet Wee from Your Carpets Its vital to know about removing pet wee from your carpets, as new kittens and new puppies sometimes have accidents. You may also have moved into a rental property where they used to have pets, and can small pet wee on the carpets. Try the below methods first, then […] Read more >