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Upholstered Chairs cleaned by SJS Leicester

Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice

Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice Most Offices have a daily cleaner to dust the desks, empty the bins and vacuum the carpets, but the office chairs which are used all day, every day; are rarely thought about. So here is our advice about cleaning office chairs which as time passes,  the expensive upholstered chairs will become […] Read more >

Persian Rug Cleaning

Curtains and Upholstery Spring Cleaning

April is always the best time for curtains and upholstery spring cleaning. Easter is over and Spring is now evident with buds appearing on trees and the central heating turned down or off. That means the windows can be opened and the winter’s dust can be removed from all furnishings and upholstery. Cleaning Curtains and Upholstery […] Read more >

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaned by SJS Carpet Cleaning

Reception Area Carpets Cleaned

Reception Area Carpets Cleaned  When customers walk into your Reception area, what are their first impressions? If you are familiar with your surroundings, its easy not to notice the small things that can create a bad impression for someone seeing it for the first time. Read more >

curtain cleaning by SJS

Curtain Cleaning In-Situ Leicester & Loughborough

Curtain Cleaning In-Situ -Leicester & Loughborough Do you dread the day you need to hang the Christmas decorations because of the spiders and cobwebs lurking under the pelmet and in the creases of the swags and tails? Help is at hand! Curtains Dry Cleaned In-Situ SJS can pop in and clean your curtains IN-SITU, with no […] Read more >

Upholstery Cleaning Specialist Leicester

Most businesses have chairs and sofas that are upholstered in either fabric or leather: Reception area Waiting Rooms Interview Rooms Conference Room Staff Rest Room and Canteen Board Room Office chairs Training Room All this fabric collects dirt and stains during everyday use and wear. Now the sun has started to shine, the fabric will […] Read more >