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Removing pet wee from carpets

Removing Pet Wee From Carpets

New Pet This Summer Summer is a popular time of year to have a new pet, so its important to know about successfully removing pet wee from the carpets.  In summer the doors can be left open to help with house training but if it happens in the night, how should you get rid of the […] Read more >

genie on a magic carpet origins of magic flying carpets

Carpet Stain Removal Top Tips

Carpet Stain Removal Top Tips These three easy methods will remove twenty of the most common carpet stains. It will depend on your carpet fibre and the duration of the stain, but if these methods don’t work, we can clean it professionally for you. Method 1 will remove: Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Liquid foods, and Urine […] Read more >

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Leicester & Loughborough

Cleaning Commercial Carpet Tiles Leicester

Cleaning Commercial Carpet Tiles in Leicester As Senior Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, our advice for cleaning commercial carpet tiles in Leicester is to never clean any glued-down commercial carpet with a spray-on water technique. It will destroy the glue reducing their life significantly and causing dangerous lifting at the edges. Read more >

Upholstered Chairs cleaned by SJS Leicester

Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice

Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice Most Offices have a daily cleaner to dust the desks, empty the bins and vacuum the carpets, but the office chairs which are used all day, every day; are rarely thought about. So here is our advice about cleaning office chairs which as time passes,  the expensive upholstered chairs will become […] Read more >

Texatherm Carpet Cleaning by SJS Carpet Cleaning Leicester

What is Texatherm Dry Cleaning for Carpets

What is Texatherm Dry Cleaning for Carpets?  New Customers often ask “What is Texatherm Dry Cleaning for Carpets” so here is the answer. The dry-cleaning system used by SJS Carpet Cleaning is completely different to the water spray machines you can hire for the day. It is a specialist ‘Dry-Cleaning’ system that works with a chemical […] Read more >