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Leather Cleaning in Leicester

Leather Cleaning in Leicester SJS are specialist leather cleaning experts in Leicester and Loughborough. We work in domestic and commercial settings in a 10-mile radius of either city. All your upholstered leather can be cleaned, polished and protected to preserve its looks and lengthen its usable lifetime. Our cleaning process is designed to remove all […] Read more >

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What Our Customers Say About

What Our Customers Say about SJS Carpet Cleaning Booking any Carpet or Rug cleaning service for the first time can be a worry. So, we always tell people to look at our customer reviews and comments for the reassurance they need for that very first booking. Reading what our customers say about SJS carpet cleaning […] Read more >

Leicester carpet cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning in Christmas Shut-Down

Office Carpet Cleaning in Christmas Shut-Down If your office carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned for a year (or two…) It is a good idea to invest in this business expense straight after the company Christmas party. While the company is in the Christmas shut down, the office carpets and fabric chairs can be easily cleaned, […] Read more >

Pub Carpet Cleaning Leicester & Loughborough

Pub Carpet Cleaning in Leicester & Loughborough Pubs need to be open 7 days a week for long hours and it is difficult for Landlords and Owners to find the time for a professional antibacterial carpet clean, without losing business. With subdued lighting and dark coloured carpets, you may not realise just how dirty the carpets […] Read more >

welcome mats prolong carpet life

Door Entry Mats Prolong Commercial Carpets

Door Entry Mats Prolong Commercial Carpets Its official… using door entry mats will prolong the life of your carpets, both at home and in your business premises. Door Entry Mats are Essential: If you have a retail shop, showroom or office, you can’t expect your customers, staff and visitors to take their shoes off at the […] Read more >

Removing pet wee from carpets

Removing Pet Wee From Carpets

New Pet This Summer Summer is a popular time of year to have a new pet, so its important to know about successfully removing pet wee from the carpets.  In summer the doors can be left open to help with house training but if it happens in the night, how should you get rid of the […] Read more >