January Carpet Sales – Are They A Bargain?

January Carpet Sales Are they a bargain?

The January sales posters make it very tempting to abandon your old trusty carpet and replace it with a new one, but are they really a bargain? Would it be a better investment so have your existing carpet professionally cleaned? My Granny used to say “Buying cheap. Costs expensive!” So, here are the possible pitfalls that might make it a cost more than you expected…

1 Does the sale price include any underlay? This could easily double the cost of the carpet.
2 Does it include delivery to your home? This is often an additional charge
3 How much will they charge for a carpet fitting charge? Find out if this charge includes the doorway covers and the gripper rod and if your existing rods can be re-used? If not, this could be a big addition.
4 Will their carpet fitter remove your old carpet, or will you have to do this before they arrive?
5 This of course means you will need to remove all the furniture first and carry it into another room to leave the room empty. Is your home big enough to accommodate this? Also, can you and your family members carry everything?
6 Sound obvious, but will ALL the furniture go through the doorway? Some of it may have been built or assembled in the room and you may need to remove the table top from the table frame.
7 Lastly, will they take your old carpet away? This may be an extra charge, otherwise you will need to get a van and take it to the local rubbish tip.

Armed with all these questions, you may decide that the sale price is not as attractive as it seems at first glance, but we can come and make your old carpet look brand new again for a lot less than the cost of a new one…
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