Leicestershire Care Homes Fast Response

Providing Care Homes in Leicestershire with a priority response

for Antibacterial Cleaning

Every busy residential care home needs a good relationship with an expert carpet cleaning company who are local enough to give you a fast response to the little accidents that happen every week. Especially for homes that specialise in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care patients.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Specialists

Older people often find it difficult to keep a firm hold on cups of tea, and with additional complications such as uncontrolled shaking or Dementia, there can be many reasons that carpets and chair seats need to be antibacterial cleaned quickly and without undue fuss

It is also very important to work with a company that is comfortable around your patients and residents, who will work around their needs sensitively and chat with them in a friendly, cheery manor, answering their questions and putting them at ease.

Visits & unannounced CQC Inspections

If you have prospective new residents visiting with their families, and the possibility of unannounced inspections by CQC, it is always a priority to remove any awkward smells lurking in any of the rooms or communal areas.

Fast Response Services

SJS Carpet Cleaning are based in Leicester City and Loughborough and welcome new enquiries from Residential Care Homes in Leicestershire, where we can offer you a fast response service, caring for the needs of your residents.

Give us a call and let’s have a chat about giving your Care Home a priority service, so you any little accident can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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