Out of Hours Carpet Cleaning Leicester

Office hours are usually 9 to 5, and sometimes from 8 am, so having the carpets cleaned when a full complement of staff are trying to work, just makes life difficult for everybody.

The noise of the machines can distract people, or interrupt phone calls and having a constant stream of people to the photocopier or coffee machine across a wet carpet, is not ideal for a perfect result.

It can also unsettle visitors to Reception, or Training sessions, if carpet cleaning is in progress,

We operate am Out of Hours Service for offices, where we can arrange to clean your carpets after 5 pm, or at weekends, when no one is around.

It is quicker for us to get the job done, and causes no disruption to the operation of your business. We have two business locations; one in Leicester and one in Loughborough, and we cover all the Towns in Leicestershire with business parks and office premises.

We don’t charge any extra for this service; it just makes good business sense for us and for you, so don’t suffer your dirty carpets, upholstery staff room sofas, training rooms, or leather Boardroom chairs, just give us a call and arrange an out of hours clean.