Remove Deep Lying Dirt With Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


Traditional carpet cleaning products only remove stains and dirt on the surface of your carpet. What you may not realise is that deep lying dirt will still exist in your carpet

SJS recommend a deep carpet clean to keep not only your home healthy but you too!

Pathogens and dirt build up slowly over time to the point where it can cause health risks to your family, so if you are having any trouble with allergies or colds it could be because of the unseen visitors you have in your home.

Unfortunately, fleas, mould and bacteria may be right under your feet without you even knowing it… so what can you do?

Like other problems that can hide in carpets, standard vacuuming or shampooing can’t fully remove the pathogens and dirt as they can only deal with the surface area of your carpet.

SJS provide a deep carpet clean that will reach right down removing even the most stubborn unwanted visitors.

Call us for a no obligation quote today and let us remove these pests from your home and help keep your family healthy.

Pic Credit: aanitababii08, thank you