Rugby and Football Club Premises Cleaned


Rugby Clubs and Football Clubs in Leicester and Loughborough will be getting ready for the start of the season in September and checking over their premises.

The hard floors in the changing rooms and ceramic tiled surfaces in the showers really should have a professional antibacterial clean, to restore them to their original shine ready to impress the new members on the first practice session.

The bar area could be another hard floor, or a carpeted area, and either way, we can also deep clean and antibacterial clean it to remove any dormant eggs, pollen and mould spores brought in on boots and shoes.

Out of Hours Service for Sports Clubs

We know that Committee members all have day jobs, and maintaining the club premises is done after work and at weekends. We operate an ‘after work’ service at no extra charge, because we fully understand that your key holders will be out at work all day.

When you shut the door at the end of the season, you probably did your usual mop and bucket floor clean, but micro-organisms have had a few weeks of warmth and humidity to breed.

A professional Texatherm antibacterial clean from a NCCA accredited (National Carpet Cleaners Association) is fully insured and a recognised business expense in your accounts.
Call us today for a no obligation visit to your club premises and a completely and free quotation to give to the Committee. Tel: 01162 987 082 or 01509 412 797