School Floors Antibacterial Clean Leicester


The School summer holidays are just around the corner, and all schools take the 6 week break to carry out essential maintenance and redecoration, while the school is closed. It is easy to forget the floors, thinking that as they are ‘cleaned’ every night with the normal cleaning contract, that they don’t require any further attention.


But just look at this picture of a school classroom that we cleaned during the last holidays…

You can see that dirt and grime had built up in the scratches and small porous surfaces which was not removed with ordinary mop and bucket cleaning followed by a buffing machine.

Our cleaning system gets right into all the tiny surface scratches and lifts out the dirt and with it, the bacteria that sits, breeding, and multiplying in warm weather.

SJS can deliver an efficient antibacterial deep clean that will kill even the MRSA bugs, making your school floor a safe place for your children to sit down and touch when lessons start again in September. Which bit of floor do you want your children sitting on next term? 

Call us today to book a free visit and quotation to fix a date during the School Holidays on Leicester 01162 987 082 or Loughborough 01509 412 797