Top 5 Mistakes Choosing Carpet Cleaning Company


During our 10 years as an accredited professional Carpet Cleaning company, customers have told us many stories about how they made a wrong choice for a previous carpet or upholstery clean, and we have put these stories into an anonymous Top Five Mistakes

1.  Not Members of any Accredited Industry Standards or Associations

Any carpet cleaners who are not members of the NCCA National Carpet Cleaners Association may not have any recognised training in stain removal, avoiding shrinkage and using best practice.  Always look on their website for membership of cleaning associations, AND on the Association website in their list of current members.

  2. Money-Back Guarantee is not offered.

If a practitioner is not willing to offer a money back guarantee, this may tell you about the confidence they have in their products. If they are not supremely confident that the carpet will be perfectly cleaned – you may as well save your cash and not bother.

3. Unbelievable and Unsubstantiated Claims for their Equipment

They may have a fantastic machine, but are they trained properly in how to use it? Good equipment in untrained hands can damage your carpets. Beware of anyone who tells you that their machine will remove any stain…. Professional carpet cleaners all know that stains are removed first, by hand, with suitable products and following appropriate stain removal training – not by any machine.

4. Worthless Special Offers

Beware of the 50% off discounts as when they arrive, your type of carpet is ‘not included’ in this offer. Also, beware of companies who quote a room price before they even ask about the fabric of your carpet, its condition, its exact size and whether it has an underlay or foam backing, or glued-down carpet tiles.

Ideally, every carpet should be viewed to establish all this and the amount of staining – and the cause. (paint, blood, pet wee, wine, tea, coffee, turmeric, etc.)

5 Ask to See Some Testimonials

Are they happy to show you what previous customers have said about them? Have a look on a couple of the Feedback websites and ask if you can speak to one of their customers.  Are they happy to give you a telephone number?

SJS Carpet Cleaning are perfectly happy for you to ask us any of these questions, and we are also sure that you will be happy with the answers – and the results!