Water cleaning Commercial carpet will ruin it

Water cleaning commercial carpets will ruin them…

Here is the technical explanation of why you should NEVER use Spray-on Water technique to clean commercial carpets.

Commercial and Office carpets are usually glued down, either from a large roll, or using carpet tiles. This carpet should therefore never be cleaned with a method that sprays water on, then sucks it off again.  It works on domestic carpets, but it won’t work on commercial carpets, and here’s why:

  • Domestic carpet is NOT glued down, so it has an underlay of some description.
  • Domestic carpet therefore has a ‘Pull Factor’ where water can be sucked out of it using the airflow underneath it as a pull factor.
  • Commercial carpet that has been glued down does not have an underneath airflow, and therefore does not have a ‘Pull Factor’.
  • The water sinks into the base layer and just sits there. For ages and ages and ages….
  • The extraction machines can only extract water from the top layers, so the carpet stays wet for possibly days…
  • The dirt and soil sitting in the base layer, then slowly lifts up into the top layers as it dries in a process called ‘wet moves to dry’ – long after the man with the machine has gone home.
  • The next day – or 2 or 3 days later, when the office carpet is eventually dry again, all the dirt has been lifted up to the top, and it will look just as dirty again as it was before it was ‘apparently cleaned’.

Sound Familiar?

The Texatherm process doesn’t work in the same way. (Thank goodness, I hear you sigh) It works by using an ‘EXOTHERMIC REACTION’ where two chemicals are mixed together (one alkaline and one acid) and these are beaten into the carpet fibres from a machine.

They then react together, causing the dirt to try to escape from one of the reagents, by climbing up the other, and lifting it all to the top of the carpet fibres.

Then the killer stroke … the machine is then taken across again, and using different beaters, it ‘GRABS’ all the dirt from the fibres, drying it as it goes. The carpet will be completely dry within an hour.

So that is the reason why you should only use Texatherm Carpet Cleaners for any commercial glued down carpet.

If you are interested in how exactly the exothermic reaction works, here is a brief description available on Wikipedia:

An exothermic reaction is a chemical or physical reaction that releases heat. It gives out net energy to its surroundings. That is, the energy needed to initiate the reaction is less than the energy that is subsequently released. When the medium in which the reaction is taking place gains heat, the reaction is exothermic. When using a calorimeter, the total amount of heat that flows into (or through) the calorimeter is the negative of the net change in energy of the system.

The most commonly available hand warmers make use of the oxidation of iron to achieve an exothermic reaction:

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