3 carpet problems explained


There are many different fabrics and fibres in our carpets today, and some of them have little peculiarities that is actually quite normal – if you know what they are, and how to solve them. So this week, we explain about those little issues. What they are, what to do about them, and what not to do to give you an even bigger problem…


Sprouting Tufts

Sometimes small tufts can appear above the surface of the carpet. To solve it, just cut off the tuft with a pair of normal scissors, it won’t make any difference to your carpet long term. Don’t be tempted to use a knife or try and pull the tuft out. This could give you a hole that will then need re-tufting.



All new carpets with a cut pile construction, will shed a few loose fibres, and you may notice it more in places such as in front of chairs or under tables. It is just some fibres in the yarn rising to the surface and you may see them in your vacuum cleaner cylinder, but it is nothing to worry about. The loose fibres are expanded by air and will look bigger than they were in the carpet. It won’t affect the long term wear or performance of your carpet.



Snags can easily happen when shoes or sharp corners on children’s toys catch a thread and pull it out of shape. It won’t do any serious damage and is safe to snip off with a pair of nail scissors. NEVER cut them off with a knife or attempt to pull out the fibre, as this can leave you with a gap in the tufts – or worse, create a line of pulled threads which will be permanent damage.