Are You Using the Wrong Vacuum Cleaner


It sounds crazy, and you may never have thought of it before, but using the wrong machine on the wrong carpets can cause carpet problems. The biggest and easiest to recognise is called Pilling.

Pilling is where small balls of fibre seem to be fixed to the surface of the carpet, and it often happens in areas in front of chairs where there is more rubbing on the fibres from moving feet. But mostly it happens from using the wrong type of vacuum cleaner:

  1. Cut pile carpets should be vacuumed with an ‘upright cleaner with beater bar attachment’.

  2. Loop construction carpets, like Berbers and other natural materials should always be vacuumed with a ‘suction only’ cleaner.

So do check your machine, you probably have a button or switch to switch the beater bar on or off – You may need it on in some rooms and off in others.

It is easily solved with a pair of scissors and won’t have any long term effect on your carpet, other than the annoyance of snipping them off and the smooth looks spoiled by little balls of fibres in places.

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