3 Top Tips for Leather Furniture

Owning Leather furniture brings an element of luxury to any setting, whether it is a 3 piece suite, leather seat chairs, or a leather topped table and matching chairs in your Company Boardroom.


There is no doubt that it is extremely durable, and will look good for many years. In fact it has a strange propensity to look even better with a little age behind it. But it also needs caring for to keep it looking luxurious, and not looking like a dried up and cracked old prune.

Here is a summary of the things that will have an effect on your leather furniture, and how to keep it looking great for many years.

  1. Leather produces natural oils that protect its surface. If this didn’t happen, it would start to crack and look very old.
  2. During the years of its natural lifetime, leather will eventually lose its natural oil, so it is up to every owner to make sure that the right oils are put back into it using specialist leather care products that contain a preservative and a conditioner.
  3. The biggest enemy of leather furniture is direct sunlight and any direct heat source. Keeping your furniture at least 2 feet away from radiators and open fires is vital. Heat and direct sun will quickly dry out the leather, making it start to crack and of course fade in colour.

There is not much point in applying protective creams if your leather is dirty, so it should be specialist cleaned first before you begin to condition it. We are qualified specialist leather cleaners and restorers, and always come out to look at your furniture first, to give you a truthful appraisal of how it might come up following the right treatment.

If you think your leather is past its best, before you resign it to the scrap yard, do let us have a look, you may be surprised by what we can do, and it could just save you a big cash expenditure on a new one, it will certainly make any Company Boardroom look much more imposing and business-like…

Give us a call any time for advice, we are based in Loughborough and Leicester and are happy to visit you to have a look.