5 Top Tips to Extend your Carpet Life

If you are a Landlord with rental properties, a business premises owner, or a home owner; here are our 5 best tips to making you carpet look for longer and avoiding that large investment needed to replace it.


1. Make sure you have a suitable and easily replaceable entry mat for your main entrance or front door, before stepping onto your expensive carpet. Ideally, this should be long enough for people entering to take 2 steps with each foot. This will usually remove the soil from shoes before it gets trodden into the pile of your installed flooring and will also absorb moisture and oils avoiding stains on your main carpet. Every quarter, just replace the entry mats, or have them deep cleaned by specialist machines.


2. Spills and stains will always happen to carpets, so make sure you remove them as soon as possible to avoid them from becoming permanent, or leaving a shadow behind if you try to remove them 6 months later.

3. A daily routine of vacuuming. Removing soil particles before they get trodden into the base of the pile makes a huge difference. While they are near the top of the pile, the hoover will easily pick them up, but when they sink to the carpet base, they become trapped in the knots of the pile at its base and no ordinary vacuum cleaner can remove them. Landlords might think about adding this clause to a tenancy agreement.

4. Have a regular (annual) deep clean to remove the trapped soil from the carpet base, as if not, it will simply build up, making your carpet flatter and changing its shade to a greyer version of its original colour. A deep clean will restore the new look to your carpet making your home or office look bright and fresh.

5. You may consider booking a deep clean to all the entry points and your reception area perhaps quarterly, as these areas will have 4 times as much traffic then the rest of your carpeted areas.

If you do all this, you can look forward to the investment you made on a good quality carpet, lasting you up to 4 times as long… it’s worth a thought!

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