Bed Mattress Cleaning For A Fresh, Mite-Free Sleep


I think a lot of us would agree that there is no bed like your own! We all have those mornings when all you want to do is stay in bed. But if you really knew what lies beneath, would you feel the same?

So, what is really lying in your mattress? Poor quality mattresses puff out a lot of dust in the night while you’re turning. Not only are they full of dust, but also there could be  a collection of bed bugs, dust mites, along with saliva, sweat and even blood. Dust mites can also affect people with Asthma, and cause itching and sneezing. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? A lot of people don’t think to clean their mattresses, and think that a sheet is protecting you why you sleep, but little do they know. Not only bugs, but also dog’s and other pet’s going on your mattress do not help!

SJS Carpet Cleaners want to help. If you need your mattress to have a deep clean, or just want it doing to be on the safe side, we are here to provide a service for you. No longer be afraid of the bed bugs biting! Give us a call on 01162 987 082 and visit our website to find out about how we can help you and to see more of our services we provide.