Clean and Restore Your Car Carpets, Leather and Upholstery


Family holiday’s and day trips are very exciting and a great way to get the family together. The car journey is the fun part for the kids, “Are we there yet?”

On the other hand, the car can take a beating. A car full of young excited children with sweets, drinks, chocolaty fingers and muddy wellies.  Deep lying dirt in cars can be forgotten about and gets left. Not only on the carpets, but on the chairs, material and Leather which also gets scratched easily and fades.

That is where we step in! We have a wide range of services to suit your car cleaning needs, including upholstery cleaning for your chairs, Leather cleaning for restoring your interior and carpet cleaning for the grubby carpets! With all of our services we use award-winning products and equipment, and combine our many years of experience and expertise to ensure we give you the best results.

To read more on our services and to see our before and after shots of our proven results, visit and call 01162 987 082 for a Free Quotation and a visit from us, the professionals!