Business Boardroom Professional Clean


Does your business or Organisation have a Boardroom? If so, when was the last time you had a really good look at it? What does it look like to visitors and Trustees? If you see it every day, it is easy to not notice when it looks drab and grubby.

Remember that hole in the wall at home that you keep meaning to fill? I bet you don’t even see it anymore. This is your brain screening out what it considers to be ‘unneccessary’ information, leaving it free to process more important decision making such as: What’s on my calendar today, and did I finish that report for xyz.

There is a scientific explanation called “The Reticular Activating System” which is really very interesting about how this works, and you can read an easy summary of it here:

It is a great time to go into the Boardroom and really look closely at it.

  • Are there stains on the carpet?
  • Do the leather seat chairs and backs look dried out and cracking, or dull and dirty?
  • Does the leather Boardroom table look dull and have coffee ring stains?
  • Are the curtains looking dusty and have not been cleaned for years?

SJS Professional Cleaning services can restore all your leather surfaces to a rich glossy and stain free surface, your carpets and curtains deep clean and fresh. Call us today for a no obligation site visit and free quotation 

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