Buying New Carpet in Leicester


We have recently been building really good relationships with Carpet Shops in and around Leicester, which is of real benefit to our customers. Here’s how it works:

As an expert carpet cleaning company based in Leicester and Loughborough, we often get called in to clean a carpet after an emergency spill, and sometimes, we have to pronounce that it is beyond saving, and a new carpet is needed.

So we need to know about all the carpet shops in the area, so we can pass on some really good places for our customers to go along and look for their new carpet.

It follows also, that people buying a new carpet, will want to know about their local expert Texatherm carpet cleaning company, for their once a year deep clean, and for any difficult spots and spills that happen now and again.

So if you are a Carpet Retailer or Carpet Fitter, do keep our number and website address to pass on to your clients, to save them searching through the internet trying to find their local carpet cleaning company.

Give us a call to talk about how we can both work together to give your customers an altogether unprecedented level of customer service?

We think it will make life much easier for our joint customers!