Good Builder in Leicester & Loughborough

Leicester Builders & Construction Companies


As an expert carpet cleaning company based in Leicester and Loughborough, we are looking to build relationships with some good Leicester based Builders and construction companies.

When you do a residential renovation, alteration or build extensions, and conservatories, there will always be brick dust that will float around the property and settle in the carpets.

A lot of this can be removed with an ordinary household vacuum cleaner, and we are sure that you perform this task, but lots will settle deep into the pile and not be removed by a normal Vacuum cleaner, making your customers carpets look dusty and dull.

This dust can attract dust mites and allow various bacteria to attach itself to the dust particles, making possible problems to sufferers of allergies, Hay Fever and respiratory issues such as Asthma.

Why not team up with us on the last day of your job and allow us to use our Texatherm process for deep cleaning the carpet pile to the base layer, to effectively remove all that dust for you, leaving your customers carpets looking beautiful and with high recommendations for you as a Builder.

Our system will be completely dry in just 30 minutes and we can follow you through the house, or the rooms that have been disturbed on your day of completion.

Give us a call to talk about how we can both work together to give your customers an altogether unprecedented level of customer service?

We think it will make you the most talked about Builder in Leicestershire!