Calling Landlords of Leicester!


Every year thousands of students join University in many different cities. As we know, the majority are all about the party life. Fresher’s week especially! Not only on the weekend, but also throughout the working week. Living in student accommodation can get very exciting for young adults, and well, lets say… they can go a little wild.

Stains and spills on the carpet happen without them even noticing, because lets be honest, the last thing they are going to think about is cleaning when they have parties and clubs to go to! That is what we are here to help with.

To the landlords of Leicester, do not worry! We will do the work for you. Get your apartments ready to let by the summer in a quick, discrete way. Our professional carpet cleaners have many years of experience and have seen it all. With a free quotation, we will give you a visit and do everything you need from carpet cleaning to curtains and mattresses. With our top of the range cleaning products and equipment we will ensure you walk away happy and confident to re-let your property, which not only you, but your tenant is going to love.

Please give us a call on 01162 987 082 for your free quotation and we will banish the evidence!