Residential and Care Homes in Leicester, we can help!

Residential Homes can be a wonderful place to live; they provide excellent care and on going hard work by the staff for the residents well being.

Inevitably, throughout the year, residential homes and care homes can come across a lot of mess, spills and dirt. It is a very demanding job for the nurses and carers and as we know accidents are bound to happen! Spills on the carpets, dirty chairs and mattresses can be plentiful and dusty curtains that could do with a clean.

SJS Carpet Cleaners want to help the Residential, Nursing and Care Homes in Leicestershire help keep your homes as clean as possible. For all of the hard work you put in, we want you to enjoy your surroundings, love your workplace, and love your home. You can renew and brighten the place to make you love it that little bit more, as a carer, and for your residents.

Please contact SJS Cleaners for a free quotation today, and we will give you a visit to discuss all of your worries and anything you need doing. We have a wide variety of services, from carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtains, mattresses and more! The list is endless. Put the life back into your home!