Can You Clean Carpets With Bleach

Some carpet shops promote cleaning carpets with bleach and advertise carpets with a ‘bleach cleanable’ badge. But should you use bleach on any carpet? Here is our professional advice…


Bleach can damage carpet backing and underlay

If you use bleach on the polypropylene fibres, it may soak down the fibre into the carpet backing and underlay, which are not resistant to the bleach chemicals, and enough of it can cause disintegration.

Strips colour from non-polypropylene carpets

Using bleach on any carpet fibre that isn’t polypropylene, will result in striping the colour from wool and wool-mix carpets.

Poisonous to children and pets

It can give children and family pets ‘chemical burns’ if their feet, hands or any other skin surface touches the bleached area. It is possible to ‘neutralise’ the chemicals, but you will need to do this process to all areas where you have used bleach, or the chemicals will remain active.

Bleach causes lung damage, asthma, headaches & vomiting

Breathing in bleach solution can damage your lungs, bring on an asthma attack, damage the nervous system, give you headaches and migraines and cause vomiting. Basically, if your nose can smell it, it is harming you.

Bleach was a WWI Weapon

Bleach will pollute the air and water supply and was used as a WW1 poison. Would you really want to use this in your family home?

Bleach has NO detergency

Bleach can disinfect by killing microorganisms, but it has no detergency and so has the same cleaning effect as water!

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