Caring for Leather Furniture in Leicester


Buying any leather furniture is an investment; whether it is a set of Boardroom chairs for your business, or a plush new sofa for watching TV.
Leather is durable and will last you a very long time, so it is worthwhile knowing a few easy do’s and don’ts that will keep it looking sleek and supple throughout its lifetime, aging with style and charm to look loved and lived-in.

Do your best to maintain it

The distinctive appearance of well-aged leather needs proper care and attention and regular cleaning which we recommend doing every 2 years.

Do Dust its surface

Dust your leather furniture every time you dust the other surfaces in the room to keep it looking vibrant and dirt from being worked into the creases. Vacuum the crevices to remove crumbs and other debris every time you vacuum the carpets. It will only take an extra minute or two.

Do Keep out of direct sunlight

In a business Boardroom that is not used every day, keeping the leather chairs covered with a cotton sheet will prevent it from fading and drying out, leading to cracks and splits. If you are out all day at work and your leather sofa is in front of a window, throw a light cotton sheet over it to keep it from the summer sun during the day.

Do Condition it twice a year

Regular cleaning and conditioning will keep it supple and sleek. Use Saddle soap on any small stains, and rub in a hide food to refresh and rejuvenate it twice a year.

Don’t Neglect it

Doing nothing at all to your leather furniture will dramatically reduce its lifespan. It will look dirty and old very quickly and scuffs and cracks will detract from its sophisticated beauty.

Don’t allow a spill to turn into a Stain

Deal with any spills as soon as possible to prevent discoloration by blotting with a soft cloth or old towel. This will prevent most things from staining the leather.

Don’t use a wet cloth on grease stains

Applying water to a grease stain could make matters worse and spread the stain to a bigger area. Grease or oily stains will need professional attention, so try to avoid eating food on your leather furniture.

Don’t use any product without doing a spot test

Not all leather is the same. Some have different treatments and dyes so a shop bought leather cleaning product might also remove the dye and give you a large faded area, so be careful to always try it out on a small spot at the back first.

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