Holiday Carpet Cleaning Leicester


Packing for your holidays, the last thing on your mind will be cleaning the carpets, but actually, it’s a great opportunity to get a whole house professional antibacterial carpet clean done while you are all out the way.

We certainly don’t expect you to leave the keys with us, but whoever you key holder is while you are away; parents, friends or neighbours. They can let us in on a pre-arranged day, stay with us, or come back to check us out and hand back the keys when we finish.

We do hard floors and ceramics, so can bring back that showroom shine in the bathroom, the shower and the kitchen floor and worktops.

Curtains and upholstery is all cleaned in situ, no need to take off seat covers or tear down fixed curtains and pelmets.

Leather sofas, chairs, motorbike leathers, and even your collection of Mulberry handbags can be leather cleaned, restored and protected.

Schools do every summer break, and the children return in September to a beautifully clean and fresh School. Why not give it a go this summer while you are busy sun-soaking, wining and dining; we can get every surface sparkling and remove all allergens and bacteria from the house, ready for you to return fresh and restored from your holiday.