Carpet Cleaning After Brexit

Carpet Cleaning After Brexit

Everyone is fed-up with Brexit being constantly in the News, so here is the SJS Carpet Cleaning Brexit Manifesto for the next twelve months…

Whether we leave or not, whether we have a deal or not, you can rely on SJS to provide the same professional carpet cleaning service to domestic customers and commercial clients, seven days a week.

  • We will arrive on the day you choose, at the specified time, and will bring all our own tools, machinery and solutions. We will work until the job has been completed and will move all furniture as needed while we work.
  • We won’t leave the front door open and let your heat escape, or the dog, or the toddler; and we will work happily around the dogs, cats and children, replacing their favourite chair, cushion or blanket as we go.
  • While we work, we are happy to answer lots of questions from small children, explaining what we do; and to have interesting conversations with elderly relatives.
  • We accept payment in cash, cheques and via BACS in Great British Pounds and all our work is fully insured and accredited by the NCCA National Carpet Cleaners Association.

We are located in Loughborough and Leicester cities, and will travel approximately 10 miles radius of either location. All our quotations are provided completely free of charge, and with out any obligation. Our advice by phone is also free of charge and could save you from making any stain permanent.

None of this will change in any way after Brexit and having a deal or no deal is entirely unimportant to how we work. So, whatever your views, SJS Carpet Cleaning will stay exactly the same; reliable, professional and expertly good at what we do.

We hope that puts all your minds at rest!