Tree Pollen Allergy Symptoms UK

Tree Pollen Allergy Symptoms UK

If you have mild cold-like symptoms that just won’t go away; it’s possible that you have an allergy to tree pollen. A Pollen allergy can trigger reactions that affect sinuses, respiratory tract and eyes. The symptoms can include watery eyes, runny nose, rhinitis, sore throat, coughing, increased mucous, headaches and worsening asthma. Al of these might seem like a cold that doesn’t really develop; or one that just won’t go away.

The tree pollen season the UK is from mid to late March, lasting until the middle of May, so those cold symptoms will be with you a few more weeks yet.

Tell Tale Signs

A tell-tale sign that tree pollen allergy is the case, is if symptoms get worse at night, with increased sneezing and an itchy nose. The reason for this is the pollen, dust mites and mould spores that are now nestled in the deep fibres of your carpets and curtains.

Reducing the Impact

Deep cleaning the carpets and steam cleaning the curtains WILL remove all traces of pollen, dust mites, mould spores, and soil particles; but not the water spray on, suck off method I’m afraid. That will only wet the spores and cause them to stick together firmly at the bottom of the fibres.

The ONLY cure is by using our patented #Texathermic Reaction method, which is a chemical that reacts with the allergens, causing them to climb up the fibre to escape the chemical. Then we use a special beater to catch them all into a sealed container that is disposed of outside in the bin, removing all traces of bacteria and allergens from your carpets.

Don’t worry its not harmful to humans, pets or babies in any way, and is PH neutral and is not poisonous. Your symptoms should certainly reduce when you are at home, which will also confirm that your diagnosis AND treatment was successful!

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