How Good are Upright Vacuum Cleaners in 2020

How Good are Upright Vacuum Cleaners in 2020

After a professional carpet clean, it is vital to vacuum often, to prevent soil and dirt particles from embedding into the fibres and becoming stuck in the base of the carpet. This will reduce its lifetime by increasing wear on its construction as you walk over it, rubbing the particles of grit into the fibres and wearing them away.
Here is our expert advice of the good and bad points about upright vacuum cleaners, to see if this type is best for your needs.

Good Points of Upright Vacuums

• Upright vacuums are brilliant at cleaning large areas of floor, so if you have big rooms, they are a great choice.
• Most have brush bar that is motorised which will pick up more particles that a non-motorised brush. Great if you have children or pets.
• Uprights are generally very powerful which gives them really good suction power.
• The upright construction means their dust capacity can be very large, so reducing the bother of emptying halfway round the house.
• Uprights generally include a filtration system to capture pollen particles and allergens.
• Their-board storage means they are easy to store without having to find places for additional pieces or with a long hose that gets in the way of the cupboard door.

Bad Points of Upright Vacuums

• Not as easy to manoeuvre as the cylinder vacuums. So if you need to get under lots of tables and chairs, this will be a nuisance.
• As you can see from the picture, they are not useful for large staircases or very log staircases, as you need to place the machine at the top or the bottom, and then use the hose. *WARNING* Placing the machine at the top landing can easily result in an accident if it tips, or overstretch the hose, pulling the machine down on your bent over head. So please place it at the bottom of the stairs. *
• Uprights are very noisy and much heavier than cylinder vacuums, so not the best choice for anyone elderly or frail.

We hope this helps you to choose the best solution for your own situation and size of property, before investing in a machine that you can’t use.