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Cleaning Commercial Carpet Tiles in Leicester

As Senior Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, our advice for cleaning commercial carpet tiles in Leicester is to never clean any glued-down commercial carpet with a spray-on water technique. It will destroy the glue reducing their life significantly and causing dangerous lifting at the edges.

Here is the reason:

Commercial and Office carpets are usually glued down from a large roll, or carpet tiles and should never be cleaned with a method that sprays water on, then sucks it off again. This process is designed for carpets that are laid onto a hessian or foam backing and not for a glued-down commercial carpet.

• Domestic carpet is laid onto an underlay of some description which gives it a ‘Pull Factor’ where water can be sucked out of it using the airflow underneath as a pull factor.
• Commercial glued-down carpet does not have an underneath airflow, or a ‘Pull Factor’ so water sinks into the base layer and just sits there. For ages and ages and ages….
• Extraction machines can only extract water from the top layers, so the carpet tiles stay wet for possibly days…
• The dirt and soil sitting in the base layer, then slowly lifts up into the top layers as it dries in a process called ‘wet moves to dry’ – long after the man with the machine has gone home.
• The next day – or 2 or 3 days later, when the office carpet is eventually dry again, all the dirt has lifted up to the top, and it will look just as dirty again as it was before it was ‘apparently cleaned’.

Sound Familiar?

We Use a Texatherm Exothermic Reaction System

The patented Texatherm process we use works in a different way using an ‘EXOTHERMIC REACTION’ where two chemicals are mixed together (one alkaline and one acid) and these are beaten into the carpet fibres from a machine. They then react together, causing the dirt to try to escape from one of the reagents, by climbing up the other, and lifting it all to the top of the carpet fibres.

Then the machine is used again with different beaters, which ‘GRAB’ all the dirt from the fibres, drying it as it goes and your carpet tiles or glued down carpet will be completely dry within an hour.

Scientific Explanation

If you are interested in the scientific explanation of how the exothermic reaction works, here is a brief description
“An exothermic reaction is a chemical or physical reaction that releases heat. It gives out net energy to its surroundings. That is, the energy needed to initiate the reaction is less than the energy that is subsequently released. When the medium in which the reaction is taking place gains heat, the reaction is exothermic.”

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If you are an Office Manager or Facilities Manager with glued carpets or carpet tiles in your buildings, we are happy to come along and show you how it works with a demonstration on any of your dirty carpets.
We guarantee you will see a massive difference!

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