Removing Carpet Stains and Repairing Burns

Advice on carpet stains & burns in Leicester & Loughborough

Specialist End of Tenancy arrangements for Removing Carpet Stains and Repairing Burns in Leicester and Loughborough, especially for university students moving out this term.

Is this your final Term at Uni before moving out?

If you have been house sharing, you will need to get your deposit back, so the carpet stains and small burns need fixing before you move out. Don’t leave it until the last day when you discover these reminders that could lose your Deposit or result in asking parents to buy a new carpet for the Landlord.  – Good luck with that!  Remember…

1. The take-away stain on the carpet?
2. The frayed the edges of the stair carpet?
3. The red wine spill you have hidden under a rug?
4. The coffee stain hidden under the sofa?

We can solve them for you, so here’s what to do:

1. Call us in NOW to have a look and make sure it can be fixed.
2. Book us 2 days before you move out
3. KEEP our number and give it to your mates

For Leicester University call: 0116 298 7082

For Loughborough University call: 01509 215 858

SJS Carpet Cleaning are professionally accredited by the ACCA and fully insured for every job.