Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice

Upholstered Chairs cleaned by SJS Leicester

Cleaning Office Chairs – Advice

Most Offices have a daily cleaner to dust the desks, empty the bins and vacuum the carpets, but the office chairs which are used all day, every day; are rarely thought about. So here is our advice about cleaning office chairs which as time passes,  the expensive upholstered chairs will become increasingly dirty.

They develop coffee stains and sometimes odours as well. Seeing them every day, you may not notice how drab and dirty they look, and this can create a bad impression for your important clients and visitors. Have a close look at your office chairs today with an impartial eye or the eye of a new visitor.

Upholstered Fabric Chairs

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaned by SJS Carpet Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaned by SJS Carpet Cleaning

SJS can use a dry-cleaning system that will leave them completely dry and usable within 30 minutes, looking bright, clean and stain free with the fabric restored to its original vibrancy of colour.

Leather Chairs



Leather chairs are found in many Boardrooms, managers’ and executives’ offices, as well as in training rooms, meeting rooms and reception areas. SJS can restore the looks of dried-out and cracked leather, remove ink spots and stains. This will bring back the luxurious lustre and suppleness to rich brown, black, blue or burgundy leather which are the most popular colours for this type of chair, especially if you have antique leather boardroom chairs.

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