Top Tips for Getting Rid of Ants

Top Tips for getting rid of Ants

Ants are hatching out fast now the temperature has reached summer levels, both the crawling and the flying types, so here are our top tips for keeping them out of your house, especially the ground floor kitchen and bathroom

The Ant Route March

It all starts with one ‘scout’ ant on the lookout for food and if he finds it in your kitchen, he will go straight back to the nest, leaving a trail of pheromones from the food source to the nest for the worker ants to be despatched to follow and return with supplies of food.

After the single lone ant, will follow what looks like a regimented army of ants following the trail straight to the discovered food source and back again to the nest. Food sources can be spilled sugar granules, dirty dishes with food left on, an open box of sweet smelling cereal, or any other food left uncovered or not in the fridge.

Top Tips to Get Rid of Ants

1 Keep all food in airtight jars or plastic boxes
2 Wipe up any spills of food or drink on carpets and surfaces straightaway
3 Wipe the inside surface of all your cupboard shelves from old crumbs and spills
4 Put all dirty dishes into the dishwasher or a bowl of soapy water
5 Pick up all dog and cat bowls – even if empty and wash or fill with water
6 Use a small bin and take the rubbish out to the dustbin every day
7 Always use – close- the lid of your bin. Never use one without the li
8 Don’t use ant powder if you have cats or dogs
9 Wipe surfaces with a vinegar or lemon juice or peppermint oil mix with water which removes all pheromones

Don’t forget that ants are also useful as they eat other small bugs such as fleas and bed bugs, so we would never recommend destroying their nest, just keeping them outdoors where they belong!

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