Cleaning Roman Blinds Top Tips


Roman Blinds look fabulous when they are new, but no one warned you about how all the folds collect dust and dirt, or how to clean them. You probably don’t notice it, as it happens over some months, but at Christmas time, you may have lots of visitors – sometimes unexpectedly, and they may well notice your dusty Roman Blinds.

  •  Roman blinds can be easily vacuumed with the upholstery brush, but make sure you select the lowest suction.
  •  Don’t be frightened about washing them, if they are a washable fabric. Take them down, unpick the lining and remove the cords and the wooden, plastic or metal dowels. Wash carefully, replace cords and dowels, re-stitch and hang.
  • To avoid any possibility of the fabric shrinking or fading, why not take them to be dry cleaned.
  • Before you re-hang, give them a very light steam with a cool iron to remove any creases from the blind
  • When hanging back in place, pull up all the pleats and leave it like this for a few days to settle them back into shape.
  • Don’t forget to check the cords and wash them if they are grubby, or just replace with new ones. Restringing is not too difficult, as most are attached to the batten at the top of the window with Velcro.
  • Blind cord is not expensive and easily found in the curtain-making departments of the High Street shops
  • SAFETY TIP, Do not leave long loops on your cords, as these can cause choking or strangulation in small children if they can get their heads inside. So always keep them as short as possible, and WITHOUT LOOPS.