Leicester Curtain Cleaning In Situ



The thought of having your curtains professionally cleaned could well be a daunting one. Taking down heavy curtains, with possibly swags, tails and pelmets is no easy task, and if they were hung by professionals, will you ever be able to get them exactly right when you try to re-hang them?

It can also mean undoing the hems to remove weights, then re-hemming after the dry cleaning process. Then driving them to a dry cleaners where you can park outside, because all that fabric is not going to slip into a Tesco’s bag for life…

Well you can try to vacuum you curtains yourself while they are in place. You will need the upholstery attachment and this can be quite successful at removing the dust, spiders webs; and spiders, that accumulate inside the folds and on top of the pleats. But this won’t get rid of the smells.

Musty smells, tobacco smells, and any long term food smells will still be there. You could hang them on the line to air, but winter weather will make this almost impossible without ruining your fabrics, and summer weather will fade the colours in an afternoon!

You can try spraying with one of the febreeze type sprays, and this will certainly mask the old smells – by adding a new one over the top, and it won’t last. Your old smells will creep back in a few days’ time. Make sure you test for colourfastness before you do it all over.

Luckily, we have special tools and a machine that will clean your curtains while they stay hanging. (In Situ – Latin, meaning in place) Lifting out the dirt, dust AND smells. You might be amazed at the difference it makes to a room.

We have been specially trained to do this, and have many years of experience too, so we can show you plenty of pictures of other Leicester and Leicestershire curtains we have cleaned beautifully.