Curtain Cleaning in Loughborough and Leicester

Curtain Cleaning in Loughborough and Leicester

Curtains are a trap for particles of airborne dirt, dust and allergens as well as bacteria, and odours. Whatever is in the air in your home or office, every day, will be trapped in the fibres of your curtains or blinds. It is easy to see on plastic blinds, that begin to look grimy and dirty, but not so easy to see in your curtains, as the dust and dirt are trapped in between the fibres – rather than sitting on top of the fabric. If you want to test this theory, just shake your curtain and watch what puffs out into the air…

There is a difference to living in the city or the country, with more petrol fume particles or more airborne pollens and allergens. Commercial buildings may have more chemicals or diesel particles depending on the location and type of business. But wherever you live or work, you can be sure that the curtains are quietly filtering dirt particles from the air and holding them in their fibres.

So, when did you last think about having them cleaned?

SJS can clean them in situ, so no need to remove them at all. We do the swags, tails, pelmets, thermal linings and then re press all the creases back in, leaving them fresh and clean and looking new again. We also clean commercial curtains including Theatre or Stage curtains Hotel curtains and large commercial curtains in Pubs and Restaurants.
It makes sense to have this done at the same time as the carpets, and it will look as if you have just re-decorated!

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We are located in Loughborough and Leicester and travel a 10-mile radius of these locations…
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