End of Tenancy Carpet Clean Loughborough

Students at Loughborough Uni are coming to the end of their year and starting to plan where they will live next year, or for the next 3 years, and in Graduation year, moving out completely. So, getting your deposit back at the end of the Tenancy is a huge priority.

It may seem like another expense that you can’t afford, but splitting the cost with your flat mates means it is affordable for everyone. Using an experienced NCCA accredited carpet specialist means our work is FULLY INSURED and everything we do is fully protected by the National Carpet Cleaners Association UK.

More than just clean carpets

Removing stains from those take-aways, drinks parties and perhaps a spot or two of nail polish, is not all we can do to protect your valuable deposit.

Removing Burns

Any small burns from a dropped cigarette, hot saucepan, or your physics experiments, can be cut out and fibres cleverly re-stitched into place, making an invisible repair, and saving you from having to replace the whole carpet for the Landlord from your deposit.

Frays, pulls and loose strands

Any loose strands at the edges of the rooms, or on the stair carpets, can be repaired by cutting off, and re-stretching the carpet under the gripper rod, to restore the perfect fitted edge. Again, this could save you from buying s completely new carpet to get your deposit back.

So, with only 4 or 5 weeks to the end of Term and 7 or 8 weeks to Graduation, you need to phone us NOW and book a consultation (completely free) to find out if we can solve your carpet problems, BEFORE you have to tell the Parents! Tel: 01509 412797 now…