Fallen Leaves Spread Bacteria

Fallen Leaves Spread Bacteria

Autumn is here and fallen leaves spread bacteria that is picked up on your shoes and trodden into your carpets in Leicester and Loughborough and their rural environs.
Fallen leaves contain a variety of small invertebrate animals and bacteria, such as: worms, snails, spiders, and microscopic spores of fungi and bacteria, which degenerate and rot into the soil in your gardens, keeping it healthy and replenishing nutrients ready for next years’ growth. But this decomposing leaf litter will bring bacteria into your home when it is walked into the carpet from your outdoor shoes.

How to Protect Your Carpets

SJS advice for this time of year is to vacuum daily and to change into indoor shoes the moment you get inside the front door. Have a piece of spare carpet inside the front door to protect your fitted carpets and once a year call us in to carry out our #Texatherm carpet cleaning process which will remove all tiny spores of bacteria – including MRSA.

This will keep your family in good health all winter, especially for older people with weaker immune systems and young children with less resilience to infections. call us in for an all over carpet clean, we are based in Loughborough and Leicester and are happy to travel a 10-mile radius of Leicestershire.

What is lurking in your leaves?

Why not see how many animals you have hiding in your leaves? You may find: slugs and snails, worms, millipedes and centipedes, spiders and beetles. Try these links for more information for Childrens Science projects:

Hope College Leaf Litter Arthropod Key from Hope College

Life in the Leaf Litter (pdf- English,) from the American Museum of Natural History

Scientists Spend 10 Years Watching Leaf Litter Decay for Clues to Climate Change from Scientific American

Spiders in Borneo: Spiders in leaf litter from Scientific American