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Persian Gabbeh Rug Cleaning Leicester & Loughborough

Owning a genuine Persian Gabbeh Rug is a good investment, but be sure you have it cleaned by a professional who is fully trained, experienced and fully insured. It has been handmade in Persia and is usually woven by a Quashai weaver from Iran, (previously known as Persia). Gabbeh rugs are famous for their ethnic beauty and charm and have been popular on the western market since the year 2000, and are a little less expensive than the traditional and formal pattern Persian rugs, but just as beautiful and collectable.

How We Clean Oriental Rugs

SJS provide a complete collection and delivery service, as the treatments need to be spaced apart for 24 to 48 hours, with every colour tested individually for colour run or shrinkage before starting to clean it.

SJS are trained and accredited by the National Carpet Cleaners Association and everything we do is fully insured. If you bought an original Gabbeh, here is some vital information about how they are made and why they need expert attention:

Traditional Gabbeh Designs

The design of most Gabbeh rugs are based on geometric forms with a long pile that is un-clipped which translated becomes the word Gabbeh. Some Persian rugs are woven in colours of brown, beige and ivory using wool in its natural undyed colours. Modern style rugs contain coloured wool in patterns such as images of camels or trees, or a random pattern of animal figures or a sunset onto the natural yarn background.

They are also made with figures or shapes in bright jewel colours over the brown and beige base colours which look stunning in rooms with plain coloured walls and can look fabulous hanging on a large wall instead of a patterned wall covering.

Indo-Gabbeh Rugs

There are also Indo-Gabbeh rugs woven in India as a copy of the Persian Gabbeh styles. These are easy to recognise, being much stiffer with very little variation in colour, from the hand-spun wool shades used in the Persian made Gabbehs.

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