Halloween Top Tips for Carpets


Another year has almost gone and the shops are full of plastic masks, pumpkins and tea lights. There are also plenty of sticky sweets to choose from, sticky toffee apples and popcorn for trick or treating. Halloween parties will need lots of chocolate sauce, tomato ketchup and cake with sugary green and red icing on the top.

So here is a lighthearted set of top tips that will help you to avoid the worst of the gremlins, on behalf of all downtrodden carpets!

1 Please make sure your costumes are flame retardant in case an accident with a tea light sets me on fire

2. Please be very careful with your make up, the black or white face paint can run if it gets wet and is very difficult to remove from my carpet pile

3 Be very careful with long sheets as costumes, you may trip and fall on top of me, covering me in food, drink or sticky sweets.

4 If you are wearing a ghoulish mask, please cut bigger holes in the eyes, so you don’t trip over. See above number 3 for carpet hazards

5 Are you wearing Frankenstein or monster boots? Or Witchy stilettos? Both will damage my pile and possibly even by expensive backing! Please remove them at the door.

6.If you have shoes with laces, please double tie the bows to avoid slips and trips as above hazards number 3 and 4.

•7 Please don’t walk over me carrying a lit candle. The drips onto my pile will ruin my beautiful looks and take ages to remove.

8 If your costume comprises of swords, knives, spears, or other implements with spikes or blades, please note all the trip hazards on points 3,4 and 6, to avoid any unwarranted cuts or slashes in my pile.

9. If the party food is coloured red or green, please take great care not to drop any on me, these colours can stain very badly and ruin my image.

10 If anything nasty happens to me or my friends, please call the carpet paramedics specialist team in the morning. You can reach them here:

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