Cleaning Fabric Sofas and Armchairs Leicester


Before you rush off to put your upholstery lose covers in the washing machine – as instructed by a recent article in the Daily Mail, SJS Carpet Cleaners in Leicester, offer this expert advice:

The article instructs you to “Deep clean upholstered furniture:  vacuum thoroughly, wash or dry-clean loose covers and if they cannot be removed have them cleaned professionally.”

Cleaning Fabric Sofas and Armchairs

Expert advice from SJS Carpet Cleaners in Leicester who are Senior members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) 

“If you are going to take covers off and wash them, the colour will almost certainly fade slightly

and lighten as washing powders contain chemicals that have this effect on the fabric.

Sometimes a customer will wash the cushion covers and call us in to clean the arms,

sofa-back and armchairs.”


An added problem is that the fabric may shrink

SJS Always shrink test & dye test fabric before cleaning.

A “small” shrinkage of 1/20th of an inch will produce 1.5-inch shrinkage over a 30-inch cushion.

This will make it very difficult to get the insert back inside the cushion cover, and it will take on a crescent shape due to the reduction in space.  Completely ruining the looks of your expensive sofa or chairs.

So if you need advice on exactly how to clean your fabric sofa or armchairs, just call us in for a completely free assessment and no obligation quotation. We have offices in Leicester and Loughborough and cover all areas in between…

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